How to Pick a Winning Horse at the 2017 Breeders’ Cup World Championship®

By Jazzy Morgan August 16, 2017

A large part of attending a horse race is the thrill of betting on a horse and a chance to win big. While some people believe that it is just the luck of the draw when picking the right horse, others believe there is a real craft to the betting process.

Betters can pay to receive advice and tips from the experts but we believe that you can master the art of betting when you get a grasp on these five things: know the trainers, know what kind of equipment the horses are using, review past races, check into the health of each horse, and consider who is favored to win the specific race.

Who is Favored to Win?

Some people like to go against the crowd and bet on the underdog, some like to bet on their favorite horse from other races, and some like to bet on who won the last race. Experts get together to form an educated decision based on specific research to pick the horses they believe will win, the favored horse. Betting on a race favorite pays off around 33% of the time, betting on the favored horse to come in first or second gives you a 53% chance of winning, and betting on the favored horse to come in first, second or third, doubles your chances of winning to 67%.

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Who is Training Who?

The trainer is responsible for how their horse performs in each race, therefore you must research them and their background before investing in a given horse. You will want to look into other horses the trainer works with and what races they have won in the past to see how credible they really are. Find the horse with the trainer who has had a lot of past success and isn’t just starting out. Experts say that you should trust a trainer who has won around 15% of their races.

What is Their Racing History?

It is important to know the history of the horse when deciding who to bet on. If you know nothing about the horse, look to their last ten races. There could be patterns in each race they’ve been part of that can help you decide whether you think they are worth betting on. For example, if they won two races, lost one, won another two in a row, lost one, etc. Spot the pattern and decide if the race you’re betting on is one they could win based on the trend.

Does the Horse Look Healthy?

This is one of the times you can judge a book by its cover. Horses can appear to look tired or worn out and if this is the case before the race even starts, you’ll want to avoid betting on them. You should look back at their racing history in this case as well, have they ever suffered any injuries or gotten seriously ill? If they have, there’s a chance that they may perform worse than horses who have never endured this.

What Equipment Does the Horse Use?

When picking the best horse, you should see when they last won a race. It is ideal that you pick a horse that has either won their last race or come in the top five, this means they are probably using the right equipment that has helped them succeed. Check to see if the horse you’re interested in uses headlights to help with their sight, these horses typically run better than the ones who don’t. The point is to see whether a horse is fully ready to not only race, but win.

There are many things to consider when picking a horse to place your bet on, but we believe if you bear in mind these five things, it will better your chances of winning.

Happy Betting!

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